Friday, September 16, 2005


Now Crickets Popular

I guess now we've won the Ashes crickets a little more popular so its going to make the news a little bit more. Today in The Times theres a story about Balmoral Cricket Club playing on a pitch marked out seven feet to long.

All hail amateur cricket, but surely those groundsmen can't be too popular?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Stop Urban 4x4s

I don't agree with 4x4s being used in the urban environment because of all the obvious reasons. I wont list them all again here because Stop Urban 4x4s list all the points against them and a heap of other stuff far better than me. I ask you though, to sign the petition and email your MP as I have done.

I know I'm not alone in my disdain of these vehicles being used pointlessly to get little Johnnie and Mary to school down the road. So please atleast sign the petition.

The Times reports that in France they've been taking slightly more extreme action than leafleting said 4x4s.

Unplanned Post

I wasn't really planning on blogging on here again, the plan was to have atleast limited usability of the new site by now but through reasons within and outside my control it isn't ready yet.

The plan is to have the new site atleast able to let me write to and read from the database by the end of the week so that it can be used instead of this site. I'm only throwing this up and a few more relevant posts I don't really want to leave and forget about like other issues. So here goes for a quick evening blogging session before the football.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Site Note

PHP - I'm getting there. I understand that.

MySQL - A bloody nightmare.


Ben Folds must be really cleaning up at the BBC with the intro to Landed being used on most if not all of their Grandstand documentary report things.

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Site Under Construction

Cross Posted at Rain Stops Play

Having spent the last couple of days looking for an ideal set of blogging scripts and having amassed quite a collection, I've made some decisions;

  • I don't want to use PHP because I don't understand it.

  • I cant understand why any sane person would try and use MySQL, its another damn good reason not to use PHP as far as I'm concerned...

  • I'd rather use ASP becuase I already have an understanding of it, thus I'm more likely to achieve anything at all.

  • I'm going to write my own set of scripts in ASP because I can't get any of the downloaded scripts to work.

  • I'm well aware that to start with my own set of scripts will probably look rather ropy, be riddled with small problems (not bugs) and misbehave for a little while. I am confident that in a little while, being no commital on timescale then the blog can be transferred here and live happily ever after.

    Here's to hoping...

    Thursday, August 25, 2005



    Today I created an account over at Brinkster with the object of gradually moving this blog over there. I wont give you the domain yet because its all going a bit wrong at the moment.

    The last time I used Brinkster was back in college when it was a free server about three and a half years ago. I won't lie, I've done more of my ploughing through and now I can't get the thing to display any files. After half an hour floundering with the file system thats OK now, but I still can't get it to display a test page that works offlline, but can't be displayed online, not even in the view file mode. Going through the domain name to the page is, at present, a pipe dream.

    As soon as its all done though, this blog will be moving over to the Brinkster account, where everything will be nice and shiny and workable and not have tagged on the end.

    If anyone has any experience in Brinkster and reckon they can point me towards the light, a little help would be greatly appreciated.

    Wednesday, August 24, 2005


    Age Old Browser Problem

    I know a while ago I looked at my browser preference comparing Opera and Firefox. I know I said I prefered Opera because of the mouse gestures. Well over time I've become a Firefox user Why? I'm not entirely sure but its my Windows browser du jour now.

    This morning I downloaded it for Mac. Whilst setting up Live Bookmarks for RSS content, something I never did on the PC, I found a big bugbear. For reasons that escape me I downloaded an RSS aspp for Windows. It instantly struck me that Safari deals with RSS Content in ways far more to my liking.

    In Safari it builds a webpage with all the headlines in order, and as much text from the first paragraph or so as you want. In Firefox however, Live Bookmarks are as the name suggests, just bookmarked headlines. Not as cool or useable I assure you. I use the first paragraph to take an educated guess as to if the articles going to be worth reading. In Firefox I just dont have this privilige.

    My guess is that for now, I'm going to continue with Safari and hope someone at Firefox creates something more like the Safari method of dealing with RSS.

    Tuesday, August 23, 2005


    A Quick Musing on Football

    Banning the 'magic sponge' could end seasons.

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